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What: Mythic Journeys: Celebrating Joseph Campbell’s Centenary

A Two-Hour Public Radio Special

When: Monday, December 13th and Tuesday, December 14th at 7 P.M.

 Where: FM 90.1 WABE Atlanta

 Contact: Elizabeth Kurylo, communications director, MARIAL Center, 404-296-2480


Welcome an extraordinary gathering of guests into your home on "Mythic Journeys," a two-hour broadcast from Public Radio International (PRI). World-renowned artists, musicians, mythologists, folklorists, anthropologists, psychologists, CEOs, religious leaders and storytellers assemble to discuss issues that face our world, using the language and insight derived from mythology and the mythic imagination.

Emory anthropology professor Bradd Shore will talk about Thanksgiving rituals and traditions during the program. Shore is director of Emory Center on Myth and Ritual in American Life (MARIAL).

The program will air at 7 p.m.on December 13th and 14th on FM 90.1 WABE. The program also will be broadcast on NPR stations across the country. (Please check your local listings for times.)

Myth is the symbolic language of the human experience--story, ritual, dream, tradition, poetry, art--that reveals eternal truths about our existence as its wisdom guides us toward more meaningful and fulfilling lives. “Myths are those things that cannot be, yet ever are,” said Joseph Campbell, the legendary teacher and greatest pioneer of comparative mythology of the 20th century. “The first function of any mythology is to awaken a sense of awe and wonder in response to the unfathomable universe.”

Mythic Journeys highlights the best programming from a four-day festival in Atlanta that took place this past June. The festival marked the 100 th anniversary of Campbell’s birth. (Campbell died in 1987.) Shore participated in the conference, and was later invited by independent radio producer Mary Beth Kirchner to participate in this radio program. Her goal was to capture highlights of the festival in a two-hour window.

The program features stirring poetry readings by Pulitzer Prize-winner Galway Kinnell, Robert Bly and Coleman Barks; storytelling by Michael Meade and Sobonfu Some; and messages from theologian Matthew Fox, folk singer Janis Ian and psychologist James Hilman, among many others.

During the last three years of his life, Campbell recorded a series of interviews with journalist Bill Moyers that were to become The Power of Myth for public television, a series that, when aired after his death, would catapult him to international fame. His mantra, “Follow your bliss,” became a catchphrase -- and Campbell, a guru to thousands of new followers.

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