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Moderator: Marshall Duke (Emory University)

Ritual Function and Family Dysfunction: The Therapist's View

Carrell Dammann, Frank Pittman, and Eve Poling
Moderated by Marshall Duke, Candler Professor of Psychology at Emory University and core faculty member of the MARIAL Center

Tuesday, December 3, 3:00-5:00 p.m.

How are patterns of family ritual/schedule/routine and family talk implicated in family functioning and family dysfunction in contemporary working families? Prof. Duke will moderate a discussion among three noted family therapists, followed by questions and comments from the audience.

Dr. Carrell Dammann received her B.A. in Psychology from Duke University in 1963, and her M.A. and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Emory University in 1970. She became interested in Family Therapy in1963 while working for Dr. Margaret Mead at the American Museum of Natural History. In 1974 she started The Atlanta Institute for Family Studies which she directed until 1990. She has been on the editorial board of Family Process, the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, and the Journal of Feminist Family Therapy and Family Psychology. She has been actively involved in the leadership of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy and the American Family Therapy Academy. She is currently director of Open House, a Place for Family Healing where she has continued to train family therapists and been involved in work with larger social systems change. She is in full time practice as a family psychologist.

Dr. Frank Pittman, M.D. is among the most influential family therapists in the United States. His no-nonsense approach to diagnosis and treatment and his remarkable success in working with families have also placed him at the forefront of the Atlanta practice community. A dynamic speaker and writer, Dr. Pittman has somehow found time in his busy schedule to publish widely. His most recent books include Private Lies: Infidelity and Betrayal of Intimacy; Man Enough: Fathers, Sons and the Search for Masculinity; Grow Up: How Taking Responsibility Can Make You a Happy Adult; and Turning Points: Treating Families in Transition and Crisis.

Eve C. Poling, M.Ed., L.C.S.W. is a psychotherapist and a divorce and professional coach. Her experience, which spans careers as a teacher, principal of The Children's School, psychotherapist, school counselor and coach, brings a broad and unique perspective to the Collaborative Law process. She earned both of her graduate degrees while juggling family and full time employment. As a divorce coach, she helps couples navigate the process of disengagement as amicably as possible, and when there are children involved, advocates for the best decisions for their present and future needs. After divorce, people who find themselves in transition often seek her coaching services to reevaluate life choices, gain new perspective on opportunities and options and set new goals for the future. She is also a coach for the interactive website, DivorcedLiving.com, which provides a fund of information for women moving beyond divorce, as well as coaching in person or by telephone. As a psychotherapist, she works with adults, adolescents and couples in the midst of conflict and life stressors that can cause confusion, anxiety and depression. She also leads a women's therapy group. Eve Poling is a graduate of MentorCoach Inc.

Dr. Marshall P. Duke is Charles Howard Candler Professor of
Psychology at Emory University. He is a renowned teacher and scholar at Emory, and is the author or co-author of five books on abnormal psychology, and a clinical psychologist specializing in adolescence. Prof. Duke is a recent winner of the Thomas Jefferson Award as teacher-scholar of the year at Emory University, Emory's premier award for its faculty. He is a MARIAL Center Core Faculty Member, studying family story-telling.


The MARIAL Center
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