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Virtual Exhibitions


Over the Rainbow, Over and Over: The Enduring American Myth of Family Decline

Web design by Katherine Skinner.





A Dream Deferred: African Americans at Emory and Oxford Colleges, 1836-1968

Web design by Katherine Skinner.

For more information, contact Dr. Mark Auslander, mausland@learnlink.emory.edu




Pledging Allegiances
Felicity Paxton

This exhibition depicts a range of responses to the events of September 11, 2001. The flags pictured here commemorate the dead, signal support for war, and protest military action. Most of the photos were taken in Atlanta, Georgia, though some were taken in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in Chicago, Illinois, and in rural Georgia.

Photos by Felicity Paxton.
Web design by Katherine Skinner.

To contact Felicity Paxton, please email her at fpaxton@learnlink.emory.edu




Memorializing September 11

MARIAL affiliates compiled internet memorials, resources, government information, and media reports related to September 11 for this virtual exhibition. The internet memorials in particular will be of interest to researchers of myth and ritual in American life.

Web design by Katherine Skinner.

Cheyenne Sweatlodge Ceremony
Performed by Harrold Vance Littlebird for MARIAL
Marietta, Georgia

In January, 2001, The Emory MARIAL Center hosted a visit from Mr. Harold (Vance) Littlebird, a "ceremonial man" from the Cheyenne Reservation in Lame Deer, Montana. Vance came from Montana to tell us about the traditional uses of ritual on the Cheyenne Reservation and to outline his plans and hopes for using traditional Cheyenne rituals such as dance societies and the sweat lodge to help redirect Cheyenne youth who have problems with alcohol and drug use.

To help us understand the power of the sweat lodge, Vance constructed a sweat lodge in the backyard of MARIAL director Bradd Shore in Marietta. This exhibit documents this ritual as experienced by a group of Emory faculty and students on a Sunday afternoon in January 2001.

Photography by Bradd Shore.
Web design by Emily Satterwhite.

To contact Dr. Shore, please call (404) 727-4200 or email him at antbs@emory.edu.

172nd Salem Campground Camp Meeting
July 28 - August 4, 2000
Salem, Newton County, Georgia

The pictures in this exhibition were taken by MARIAL Center director Bradd Shore during his visit to Salem Campground in August, 2000. They attempt to give a sense of the beauty and the spirit of the place and its people. The exhibit also includes photos of some interesting documents related to the camp meeting, including an elaborate family scrap book and cookbook "A Taste of Salem," suggesting the power of the camp meeting to organize families' sense of their common identity and history.

Thanks to Hon. Sam Ramsey, mayor of Covington, for inviting me to the camp meeting, to W.T. Rogers for his generous and thoughtful tour of the campground, and to the many good people I met at Salem who took me into their tents and, for a few pleasant days, into their lives.

Photography and text by Bradd Shore.
Web design by Emily Satterwhite and Ben Barden.

To contact Dr. Shore, please call (404) 727-4200 or email him at antbs@emory.edu.

Tragic Beauty: Exploring the Oxford African-American Cemetery (September 2000)

This on-line exhibit examines history, landscape and memory within a long-segregated cemetery in Oxford, Georgia. The cemetery, which contains graves dating back to at least the 1850s, is the subject of a collaborative restoration and documentation project involving the local community, Oxford College of Emory University, and the MARIAL Center.

This virtual exhibition is based on a museum exhibition developed by Dr. Mark Auslander and his students at Oxford College in Spring 2000. "Tragic Beauty" was exhibited at Oxford College's Hoke O'Kelly Library (May-June 2000) and at the Newton County Library in Covington (August 2000).

Web design and black and white photography by Charles Burnett.

For more information on efforts to restore and document the Oxford African-American cemetery, please contact Dr. Mark Auslander, Department of Anthropology, Oxford College, Oxford GA 30054. Tel. (770) 784-4664. email: mausland@learnlink.emory.edu