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Journal of Family Life

How has the economy affected family life?
Call for submissions

We seek first-person family stories and individual narratives (essays, poetry, photo essays, films, audio) that illustrate the impact of the global economic downturn on family life. We seek positive and negative stories.
For instance, do families eat at home together more, because they cannot afford to eat out as much? Are kids doing fewer extracurricular activities because money is tight? How were the holidays different this year, in light of more limited budgets? How does family life change when a parent loses a job? Do we see more anxiety, depression?
We are interested in stories, rather than statistics, about family budgets, unemployment, searching for work, paying tuition, paying bills and the mortgage.
We would also like to see historical work that reminds us what family life was like during the Depression, and what it looks like now, including how the government is responding. Will President Obama be the next FDR, with public works projects that put Americans back to work, while building the U.S. infrastructure? How will President Obama communicate with the American public, to calm jitters, yet be realistic about where we are and what sacrifices must be made.
Tell us your story, for possible publication in Journal of Family Life. We seek to be a public forum for discussion on how families are adjusting to the economic downturn.

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