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For more information, please contact Ms. Donna Day, MARIAL Office Manager, phone: (404) 727-3440 or email: dmday@emory.edu

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Working Papers Series



Physiological Stress Responses to Media Coverage of 9/11
(Working Paper 051-06) 2006
Tage Rai

Adolescent Attachment to Parents and Peers
(Working Paper 050-06) 2006
Andrea Barrocas

Time in Ontogeny and Phylogeny
(Working Paper 049-06) 2006
Harald Welzer

Autobiographical Memory and Identity Updating Salem Camp Meeting
(Working Paper 048-06) 2006
Bradd Shore

When work becomes play and play becomes work: Reframing and blending frames in parent-child interaction
(Working Paper 047-06) 2006
Cynthia Gordon

Life Happens: Understanding Specialization and Adaptation of Women Transitioning between Traditional and Dual-Career Families
(Working Paper 046-06) 2006
Stephanie Byrd

Cinematic Myth-Understandings of the American Family
(Working Paper 045-06) 2006
Robert Shore


The intergenerational self: Subjective perspective and family history
(Working Paper 044-05) 2005
Robyn Fivush, Jennifer Bohanek and Marshall Duke

Women on the Move: Flight attendants, Space and Mobility
(Working Paper 043-05) 2005
Drew Whitelegg

Women's Family Power and Gender Difference in Minya, Egypt
(Working Paper 042-05) 2005
Kathryn Yount

The Integrative Model of Family Reflexivity: An emergent interdisciplinary MARIAL perspective on family function and its application to the study of family adjustment
(Working Paper 041-05) 2005
Marshall Duke

Neo-liberalism, Respectability, and the Romance of Flexibility in Barbados
(Working Paper 040-05) 2005
Carla Freeman

A busy life - not what it seems? Exemplar of a new approach to the study of stress.
(Working Paper 039-05) 2005
Jason DeCaro and Carol Worthman


"In sickness and in health... 'til work do us part" Careers, parental obligations, and spousal time
(Working Paper 038-04) 2004
Elaine Marchena

Silent Exchanges: Quality Time in Dual-Earner Families
(Working Paper 037-04) 2004
Elaine Marchena

Relationships Among Indicators of Child and Family Resilience and
Adjustment Following the September 11, 2001 Tragedy

(Working Paper 036-04) 2004
Amber Lazarus

Black Women Have Always Worked: Family vs. Career Among the Black Middle Class
(Working Paper 035-04) 2004
Riche J. Barnes

Family Narrative Interaction and Children’s Self-Understanding
(Working Paper 034-04) 2004
Jennifer G. Bohanek, Kelly A. Marin, Robyn Fivush, Marshall P. Duke

“Big Struggles”: Narratives of Immigration, Education, and Work among Transnational Hindus
(Working Paper 033-04) 2004
Jennifer B. Saunders

The Time and Space of Flight Attendants Since 9/11
(Working Paper 032-04) 2004
Drew Whitelegg

“Today I…”: Ritual and Spontaneous Narratives During Family Dinners
(Working Paper 031-04) 2004
Caitlin E. Thomas-Lepore, Jennifer Bohanek, Robyn Fivush, Marshall Duke

The “Time Bind” and the Cultural Ecology of Stress in Metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia
(Working Paper 030-04) 2004
Jason A. DeCaro and Carol M. Worthman


Rudeness and Refinement:The Everyday Politics of Respectability in Hancock County, Georgia 1793-1860
(Working Paper 029-03) May 2003
Jennifer Meares

Family Time: Studying Myth and Ritual in Working Families
(Working Paper 028-03) May 2003
Bradd Shore

Of Ketchup and Kin: Dinnertime Conversations as a Major Source of Family Knowledge, Family Adjustment, and Family Resilience
(Working Paper 027-03) May 2003
Marshall P. Duke, Robyn Fivush, Amber Lazarus, and Jennifer Bohanek

Time Demands and Child Mental Health: The Role of Family Characteristics and Stressful Life Events
(Working Paper 026-03) May 2003
Carol M. Worthman, Sarah Mustillo, E. Jane Costello

The Lights Are On; I Must Be At Work: Aspects of "Home" In the Lives Of Flight Attendants
(Working Paper 025-03) May 2003
Drew Whitelegg

Spiritual Work, Memory Work: Revival and Recollection at Salem Camp Meeting
(Working Paper 024-03) March 2003
Bradd Shore

Kinship and Pilgrimage: Rituals of Reunion In American Protestant Culture
(Working Paper 023-03) April 2003
Gwen Kennedy Neville


More Than A Picnic: African American Family Reunions
(Working Paper 022-02) September 2002
Ione D. Vargus

Dharma, Discourse, and Diaspora: When Work and Family Demands Overlap
(Working Paper 021-02) May 2002
Jennifer B. Saunders

“'Like a Haven: Not Work, Not Home!' Ballet as Escape Ritual for Middle Class Working Women"
(Working Paper 020-02) April 2002
Felicity Paxton

"Narratives and Resilience in Middle-Class, Dual-Earner Families"
(Working Paper 019-02) April 2002
Robyn Fivush and Marshall Duke

"Health Doesn’t Just Happen: the Time Crunch and Middle-Class Working Mothers’ Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine"
(Working Paper 018-02) April 2002
Emily LeVeen

"When + Where = How: A Preliminary Examination of the Role of Context in Taste and Preference Decisions"
(Working Paper 017-02) April 2002
Jarrett Paschel

"Soccer Moms, Welfare Queens, Waitress Moms, and Super Moms: Myths of Motherhood in State Media Coverage of Child Care"
(Working Paper 016-02) April 2 2002
Laurel Parker West

"No Place Like Home? Media Audience Research and Its Social Imaginaries"
(Working Paper 015-02) April 2002
Patrick Wehner

"Social Rituals and Identity Creation in a Middle Class Workplace"
(Working Paper 014-02) April 2002
Charles Jandreau

"Cultural Consensus Approaches to the Study of American Family Life"
(Working Paper 013-02) April 2002
Carol M. Worthman, Jason DeCaro and Ryan Brown

"Constructing Ideal Families in Ideal Communities: The Case of Arthurdale, West Virginia"
(Working Paper 012-02) April 2002
Stuart Patterson

"Salem Camp Meeting: A Theater of Family Memory"
(Working Paper 011-02) April 2002
Bradd Shore and Nathaniel Kendall-Taylor

"Early Precursors of Work-Family Tension: A Psychodynamic Study of Socialization"
(Working Paper 010-02) April 2002
Christopher McCollum

"When Work Was Fun"
(Working Paper 009-02) November 2001
Pete Richardson

"Making Homes Wherever We Go: The Car, The Home and the Second Office"
(Working Paper 008-02) February 2002
Maggie Jackson

"Our Imagined Families: The Myths and Rituals We Live By"
(Working Paper 007-02) February 2002
John Gillis

"Something We Need to Get Back To: Mythologies of Origin and Rituals of Solidarity in African American Working Families"
(Working Paper 006-02) April 2002
Mark Auslander


"Grief Mythology and the Invention of a Modern American Tradition"
(Working Paper 005-01) April 2001
Gary Laderman

"The Disease of Ritual: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as an Outgrowth of Normal Behavior"
(Working Paper 004-01) April 2001
Diana Smay

"Culture and Economy in the Etiology of Obesity: Diet, Television and the Illusions of Personal Choice"
(Working Paper 003-01) April 2001
Peter J. Brown and Sterling V. Krick

"The Myth of Kitty: Paradoxes of Blood, Law and Slavery in a Georgia Community"
(Working Paper 001-01) January 2001
Mark Auslander


"Our Virtual Families: Toward a Cultural Understanding of Modern Family Life"
(Working Paper 002-00) February 2000
John Gillis

Other MARIAL Publications

"The Power of Ritual" Bradd Shore (September 25, 2001)

"The Millenial Imagination" Bradd Shore (January 3, 2000)

Initial Research Proposal (1999)

Other MARIAL Research Projects

Newton County African-American Family Research Project Mark Auslander (ongoing)


The MARIAL Center is primarily a research institute, oriented towards the close ethnographic study of families and communities in the Southeastern United States. Although we come from diverse disciplines and draw on a wide array of methodological and conceptual "toolkits," our work revolves around a common set of interpretive problems and concerns.

Current MARIAL Research Projects


African-American family narratives, ritual performance and experiences of place

Mark Auslander (Anthropology, Oxford College)

Ritual Cycles of Family Life: The Day, Week, Month and Year

Bradd Shore (Anthropology)

The Narrative Creation of Family Culture and History: Family Story-telling

Marshall Duke (Psychology)

Robyn Fivush (Psychology)

Rituals of the Body: Stress and Everyday Life

Carol Worthman (Anthropology; Laboratory for Comparative Human Biology )

Religious Groups and their Responses to Anxieties Among Dual Income Working Families in the Suburbs"

Nancy L. Eieseland (Candler School of Theology)

Economics, Ritualization, and Physiological Reactivity: A Study of Middle-Class Families in Metropolitan Atlanta

Jason DeCaro (MARIAL graduate fellow: Anthropology) jadecar@emory.edu

Adolescent sexuality; maturation; STDs; high school

Daniel Hruschka (MARIAL graduate fellow: Anthropology)

Rudeness and Refinement: The Everyday Politics of Respectability in Antebellum Georgia Jennifer Meares (MARIAL graduate fellow: History)

The New Deal, the family, and planned communities

Stuart Patterson (MARIAL graduate fellow: ILA)

Families in Crisis: The Making of a Family Person in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Yaya Ren (MARIAL graduate fellow: Anthropology)
Leaping Across the Ocean: Hinduism in a Transnational Family Jennifer Saunders (MARIAL graduate fellow: Religion) jbsaund@emory.edu
Cultural representations of middle-class and working-class motherhood; mass media; public policy, welfare, and child care. Laurel Parker West (MARIAL graduate fellow: Political Science)
Beliefs and Uses of Alternative Medicine in Middle Class Professional Women

Emily LeVeen (MARIAL undergraduate fellow)


Research Projects of Former MARIAL Fellows


Children's stories and the making of the self

Christopher McCollum (MARIAL postdoctoral fellow 2000-2002)

Food and the production of middle class taste in the South; "barbecue culture"

Jarrett Paschel (MARIAL postdoctoral fellow 2000-2002)

The American Prom; ritual and adolescence

Felicity Paxton (MARIAL postdoctoral fellow 2000-2002)

The emerging concept of "lifestyle"

Pat Wehner (MARIAL postdoctoral fellow 2000-2002)

Funeral homes and rituals of remembrance

Faith McCollister (MARIAL undergraduate fellow 2000-2002)